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Magdalena Doś

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About Me

I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I was a child but I became a tutor of Polish… by chance :-). After graduating in Polish and theatre studies from the Jagiellonian University I left for Paris to continue my PhD studies. It happened that they were looking for a tutor of Polish at the Sorbonne. I applied and… I was selected! This was the way I started my adventure with teaching Polish which has now continued for 15 years. I adore this job because it gives me independence, satisfaction, constant exchange of energy and a chance to come into contact every day with different cultures.

Qualifications and Experience

Over my 15 year career as a tutor I have gained extensive experience: I worked at prestigious universities in Poland and abroad (The Jagiellonian University, the Sorbonne, the University of Strasbourg), in private language schools, I held courses in companies and individual classes. I taught at all levels from A1 to C2, I gave lessons in business Polish, I taught Polish-French translation, Polish history and literature and… I directed performances in Polish.

Methods of Teaching

At work I try to be professional. I like my lessons to be well-prepared. And I like grammar! I think that it’s not that difficult to speak a foreign language but the challenge is to speak it correctly. I always teach grammar in a context of communicating so that students can immediately practice new skills. In my lessons I try to activate different senses, not only eyes and ears, that’s why I often use elements taken from theatre to teach a foreign language. I like it when lessons are dynamic. My students say that I’m warm, patient and always smiling (even when I have a bad day!).

Learning With Me!

I live in Krakow and I collaborate with where I have group and individual classes with students from different countries, of all ages and at different levels.

You can easily book your individual online lessons with me by using the !

Magdalena Doś
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Po polsku · Auf deutsch

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